Garbis Kolokossian  –  Partner

The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every other calling, is diligence. Leave nothing for to-morrow which can be done to-day. - Abraham Lincoln

About Garbis

With this as a guiding foundation to Garbis Kolokossian work ethic you can rest assure that he will endeavour whole heartedly to achieve justice for the clients he works for by making sure everything that needs to be done has been done.

This young compensation lawyer demonstrates all the qualities of a fine professional. His tireless endeavour to satisfy the clients he works for has allowed him to generate a comprehensive relationship with each of them, which in his perspective allows him to empathise with their individual struggle generating a greater drive for success.

Under the guidance of the senior solicitors at our firm Garbis Kolokossian has been able to obtain comprehensive experience in Workers compensation claims, Public Liability, Motor Vehicle Accident claims and Family Provision (Contesting Wills Claims).
Garbis Kolokossian believes the “law is the tool, which can help heal the sores of the past and guarantee the reshaping of individual foundations which have been destroyed by the negligence of large corporations”.

In his spare time Garbis Kolokossian is a member of the Australian Defence Force, plays Basketball, indoor soccer, has a great interest in world politics and when he is not training with the army , playing sport or reading he is going out with friends and family and even enjoys the odd poker tournament.

Garbis Kolokossian is fluent in Armenian should you have difficulty with English.

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