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How young drivers are being targeted by new NSW laws

In February of this year, the NSW Government banned mobile phone use for new drivers. The law took effect December 1st, according to Sydney Morning Herald. Discover why this was necessary and how Gerard Malouf & Partners' car accident compensation lawyers can help if you've been injured due to another driver's negligence.

The new law that only applies to young people

The NSW Government legal statement says that anyone with a P2, a P1 or a learner licence will be prohibited from using their mobile phone while driving.

If this law is broken by provisional and learner drivers, they will get four demerit points, which will exceed their demerit threshold and result in a three-month licence suspension and a fine of $325, according to

P2 drivers will have three demerit points remaining if caught using their phone while driving but get a fine of $325, as well.

Also significant is that the law still applies even when waiting at traffic lights or while sitting still in traffic, the NSW Centre for Road Safety website states.

It is more serious if the driver is caught using the phone in the school zone – the fine will increase to $433 but they will receive the same amount of demerit points.

The NSW Government is just targeting younger people and for good reason. Just in 2016, there has been a huge rise in the NSW road toll. So far the toll is 332 people and has progressively risen each year. Research has shown that younger drivers engage in more risk-taking behaviour, too, such as looking at their phones. A recent University of NSW study of 100 P-plate drivers found that even careful young drivers are more likely to speed in low-speed zones.

Some are disappointed about not being able to use the phone's GPS now. But Bernard Carlon, executive director of the NSW Government Centre for Road Safety said that phones pose a "higher risk for inexperienced drivers than a purpose-built GPS as there is temptation to use it for other functions." 

Make a claim if you've been in a car accident

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