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Farm Safety Week 2013 aims to improve risk management on farms

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Accidents can happen in any workplace, and that is why it is important to be active in identifying risks and developing a safety strategy no matter what your industry.

In some circumstances, however, being worksafe could do more than prevent paper cuts and trips over stray computer cords – it could save lives.

That is the case on farms, where the use of heavy machinery combined with other factors, such as the weather and uneven terrain, together contribute to a particularly high-risk work environment.

National Farm Safety Week is an annual event run by Farmsafe Australia, aimed at raising awareness of farm safety issues around the country.

This year's event, which was held this week and finishes tomorrow (July 20), has for its theme 'Farm Safety – A core value'.

Farmsafe Australia chairman Charles Armstrong says that while farm injury deaths have reduced by nearly 65 per cent over the past 20 years, there is still a lot to do to improve the safety record.

"Farm safety is something that we often take for granted, of course no one wants to be injured or see others injured," said Mr Armstrong in a statement.

"Even non-fatal injuries can have major cost implications on things such as delays in harvest, damage to equipment and downtime needed to recover from such injuries."

Farmsafe Australia has suggested a number of steps that farmers and farm workers can take to ensure safety is a core value behind the work that they do.

It recommends that every farm has a safety plan in place. In forming this plan, farmers should identify what could be potential hazards and then take specific measures to eliminate or minimise these.

This plan shouldn't be static, however, and Farmsafe says it is imperative to keep on the lookout for new dangers and to take action to curb these without delay.

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