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Employers urged to make workplaces safer for staff in 2015

Companies should put the health and safety of workers at the forefront of their business strategies this year, according to an industry organisation.

Safe Work Australia called on the country's enterprises to make staff wellbeing a 2015 New Year's resolution, adding that improvements to workplace environments don't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Hundreds of thousands of people in the country suffer workplace injuries each year, which can lead to total and permanent disabilities or death.

Michelle Baxter, Safe Work Australia's chief executive, claimed January signifies a fresh start for most individuals and it's important to use this opportunity to strive for personal improvement.

"Getting people committed to health and safety only happens if they really understand why it matters to them, their work mates and their employers," she explained.

"This year, why not make sure everyone at your workplace knows the real costs of getting safety wrong and the real benefits when we do it right."

Ms Baxter went on to say that health and safety helps save lives and could boost an organisation's productivity.

Effective risk management

According to Safe Work Australia, businesses should implement a system to tackle any issues that could affect the wellbeing of employees. This includes a comprehensive risk management approach.

There are several key objectives for optimising health and safety measures in the workplace, such as:

  • Recognising hazards
  • Evaluating risks
  • Controlling risks
  • Further review

The organisation offered various tips to help companies enhance current safety processes, including training sessions and refresher courses.

Businesses can also review current health and safety protocols, invite industry experts and associations to conduct presentations and make staff wellbeing the first item on the agenda in meetings.

Safe Work Australia also offers educational presentations and information through the Australian Strategy Virtual Seminar Series, which is available on the organisation's website and federal, state and territory portals.

"By focusing on these issues, employers, workers and the broader community can bring about real change, not only for the New Year but for years to come," Ms Baxter stated.

"So in 2015, rather than committing to just a personal change, focus on something that will also benefit your work mates, family and the broader community."

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