How has COVID-19 impacted workers’ compensation?

With the risk of COVID-19 infections ever-present, employees and employers around the world are likely wondering what type of protection exists for their ability to earn a living in case they contract the disease. They may ask: How does the risk of COVID-19 affect the workers’ compensation claim process, and has it become harder or […]

What you need to know about hernia injury compensation claims

A hernia that causes significant pain to your abdomen for an extended period of time can be a major impairment to your ability to get work done, and can bring a great deal of discomfort into your everyday life. But, does this mean you can make a workers' compensation claim about your hernia, and if […]

Defendant victorious in appeal by employer plaintiff over workers compensation

An application was recently filed by an employer under Supreme Court Act 1970 (NSW), for judicial review of a decision of an Appeal Panel of the Workers Compensation Commission determining an appeal under Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act. The case The appeal stemmed from an assessment of an approved medical specialist (AMS), who evaluated […]

State-owned icare reports $876 million loss in workers compensation scheme

New South Wales government agency icare has taken a significant financial hit this year, the state-owned agency has reported. Icare said their workers compensation scheme will report an $876 million net loss over the course of 12 months dating from June 2018 to June 2019. The details of the losses were recently released by icare, and also […]

Ombudsman finds WorkCover used “unethical” practices to deny long-term injury claims

In a report released this week, Victoria’s ombudsman determined the WorkCover system has failed long-term injured workers. After an 18-month investigation, Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass reported WorkSafe officials often left injured employees without benefits or compensation in cases where claims were valid. The WorkSafe agents, the report found, often made “unreasonable” and “unethical” decisions regarding claims, […]

Plaintiff awarded $1,394,421 in damages after workplace bullying incidents

The term ‘workplace malpractice‘ covers an extensive range of instances where negligent behaviour occurs in a workplace environment. When a victim can successfully prove that an employer has breached a duty of care to them and thus caused their injuries (whether physical or psychological), they may be eligible for compensation. This was evident in a recent […]

Reinstatement workers compensation claim dismissed

Workers compensation claims can take on numerous forms, such as unfair dismissal, injuries caused in the workplace and discrimination. The subject of such cases can even extend to reinstatement of employment, as the below case demonstrates. History of the proceedings The applicant commenced employment with a well-known Australian airline as a flight attendant on October 16, […]