HCCC bans unregistered acupuncturist after patient suffers collapsed lung

The Health Care Complaints Commission of New South Wales has permanently banned Liya Rong, a 60-year-old Australian citizen and unregistered acupuncturist, from practising after a woman suffered a collapsed lung following acupuncture treatment. The commission stated that Liya Rong posed “a risk to the health and safety of members of the public” and she had breached the Unregistered […]

Victoria murder case tied to medical side effect

A judge ruled on 30 Jan. 2020 that a Victoria man will receive a reduced sentence for the murder of his partner because he was determined to have been in a psychotic state as a result of opioid painkillers legally prescribed to him, according to the Brisbane Times. The man will serve a 17-year prison sentence but […]

Wagga Wagga Hospital Found Not Liable in Premature Birth Case

The Wagga Wagga Base Hospital was found to be not liable for the lung disease that a child accrued as a result of his premature birth there. The judge in this case concluded that the hospital acted with an acceptable standard of care and that a long delay between the birth and litigation was too […]

Western Australia family wins case against hospital

A family won a major medical negligence case against the WA Child and Adolescent Health Service, after the Princess Margaret Hospital in Subiaco failed to provide proper care – even neglecting to give antibiotics – for the sepsis their daughter developed as a result of severe burns. The improperly treated sepsis led to the plaintiff […]

Family sues state for failing to save their daughter

A claim has been filed in the Supreme Court of Victoria by the family of Marlene Sako, a 25-year-old nurse who set herself on fire and died in 2015. According to The Age, Sako’s surviving relatives are suing Northern Hospital in Epping, Northwestern Mental Health and the triple-zero emergency phone line operators over Marlene’s death. Sako’s family […]

Hospital sued over death of middle-aged woman after common procedure

A 55-year-old Victorian woman died from multiple organ failure 12 days after a common surgical procedure took place, according to a statement claim filed in the Victorian Supreme Court. The claim alleges that a piece of medical equipment used in the procedure was not properly cleaned, and that the defendant is thus medically liable for the victim’s […]

Falling numbers of GPs may lead to medical negligence

A recent report by Deloitte revealed that the workforce of general practitioners in Australia will fall short of nationwide demand by nearly 10,000 individuals in the next 10 years. Australia’s health care workforce is already understaffed. Compared to the 254 GPs per 100,000 people in some parts of Europe, Australia currently only has 70.5 GPs […]

Health 2019 Financial Audit reveals numerous medical mistakes

The latest edition of the New South Wales Auditor-General’s report on the health care sector revealed 22 so-called “sentinel events:” problems that have to be addressed in the months and years ahead. While the goal of the NSW medical system is to reduce the number of sentinel events year over year, these occurrences are actually on the […]

Doctor Uses Unregistered Medical Device, Fails to Inform Patient or Medical Tea

In a highly unethical sequence of events, a New South Wales Doctor not only failed to disclose his personal interest in a medical device used in pelvic surgery, he also continued to use the medical device after it was stripped of registration. He also failed to inform patients it was being used, and then failed […]