Significant ruling has impact on payouts from class-action lawsuits

A recent High Court ruling is likely to have a major effect on the amount of class action lawsuits filed in coming years. According to a number of news outlets, a recent ruling decided that a “key mechanism” used to fund class action litigation has now been made invalid. With this major avenue of funding […]

Couple receives landmark compensation payout for police shooting

News reports indicate that Victoria Police have recently agreed to a major compensation payout, described by multiple outlets as being among the “most significant” ever paid out by that police force, for a young couple that was shot at during a raid at Inflation nightclub in July 2017. Background of the case The young couple, […]

Is NSW workers compensation insurer in jeopardy?

A principal actuarial adviser at the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) claims that the NSW workers compensation Nominal Insurer could be in significant trouble. The support system currently insures 4.5 million employees across the state (as of SIRA’s recent discussion paper). It’s a vital asset to workers in the state who need access to affordable and effective cover […]

Intestate case rules that the deceased was in a domestic partnership

A recent intestacy case in NSW saw a plaintiff making an alternative provision claim on the estate of the deceased based on the grounds that the pair were in a domestic partnership. The Supreme Court of NSW needed to determine whether or not the plaintiff was classed as a ‘spouse’ of the deceased under Section 111 of […]

Supreme Court appeal shows testamentary capacity challenges could be on the up

A recent appeal brought before the NSW Supreme Court shows that appeals against Will writers‘ testamentary capacity could be on the rise. This means that solicitor evidence about the deceased’s lucidity when dividing their estate could now be more important than ever. What are the trends behind this case, and how did events in this particular […]

NSW storm damage debris contaminated by asbestos

Extreme weather destroyed three homes in Kiama on NSW’s south coast during the weekend and extensively damaged dozens more, according to AAP. That wasn’t the end of the story however, as the State Emergency Service has since confirmed that much of the resulting debris is contaminated with asbestos. An asbestosis removal firm was at work […]

Master Builders warns of asbestos health risks

With summer a popular time to undertake home renovations or other projects, Master Builders Australia has warned DIY enthusiasts to be mindful about the dangers associated with asbestos. Approximately one in three Australian houses contains asbestos and Master Builders warns that the material can pose a risk to health unless it is carefully managed. Master […]

Gerard Malouf: NSW workers compensation reforms are a tragedy

Legal expert and principal solicitor of GMP Gerard Malouf says that the new workers compensation laws in New South Wales are a "real tragedy". Mr Malouf expressed sincere concern for workers across the state. "I think it's a tragedy for the whole of personal injury clients that they have now been denied any form of […]