Can you appeal a super fund claim to access your super if that is denied?

Your super money is meant to cover your retirement expenses, however, there are limited circumstances where the government will release these funds early. The Australian Taxation office explains that while your superannuation fund is easily accessed once you retire or turn 65, you may need to acquire this money sooner if you experience a financial hardship or […]

Can I still make a dust disease claim if I smoke?

The Australian Work Exposures Study found that 6.6% of the entire working population in Australia has been exposed to dust containing respirable crystalline silica. This is just one of the many harmful dust particles that can cause chronic lung conditions. (The others include asbestos, bagasse, cotton, hay and straw and any dust from cutting or […]

What are the symptoms of silicosis?

If you work in an industry where you're frequently exposed to dust or other harmful particles, there's a chance you could be getting sick from what you're breathing in. Do you have symptoms of respiratory illness like a cough or a scratchy-feeling throat, but are unsure of what you could be suffering from? One common […]

Silicosis on the rise in NSW

New South Wales has seen a dramatic surge in dust disease cases in recent years and has prompted the government to quickly boost public education about the dangers of working with manufactured stone. Dust disease from silica exposure has been a well-known (and preventable) occupational health hazard in the sandblasting, tunnelling and mining industries for many years. Currently there […]

Perth tradie invents contraption to protect workers from silicosis

Even two decades ago, Steve Terpstra knew the dangers of fine silica particles that have been debilitating tradespeople across Australia. Whilst around the world rates of the disease have fallen, here in Australia there has been a concerning spike among tradesmen, culminating in at least one death. Taking things into his own hands Terpstra, from Western Australia, […]