Keegan Behrens  –  Solicitor

It always seems impossible until it's done.

About Keegan

Keegan has completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business (Economics) at the University of Technology, Sydney.

He graduated in May of 2014 with First Class Honours in Law and Distinction in Business. During his legal studies he completed a thesis in evidence law that sought to draw connections between the fields of economics and the practical realities of evidence law – namely, the right to silence.

Furthermore, he was offered the opportunity to study law abroad in Denmark at the University of Copenhagen where he lived for 8 months before graduating. This experience has given him a broad scope of understanding of international law as well as law between alternate jurisdictions.

Upon return from his overseas studies Keegan joined Gerard Malouf and Partners and soon commenced work in the challenging field of Medical Negligence, an area that allows him to broaden his legal knowledge as well as explore the complexities of the field of medicine.

Under the guidance of senior solicitors and drawing on his diverse legal interests, Keegan hopes to expand his own experience and knowledge, whilst simultaneously seeking to provide the best outcomes for clients.

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