Nassir Bechara  –  Senior Associate

It means a lot to me to defend clients who have been significantly disabled by injuries which have been caused by the negligence of others and to be able to help them receive fair and proper compensation which in most cases will assist in changing their lives

About Nassir

Nassir has extensive experience in Workers Compensation Claims, Public Liability Claims, Primary Psychiatric Injury Claims, Work Injury Damages Claims, Industrial Negligence Claims, and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims. He continues to practice in these areas whilst working at Gerard Malouf & Partners.

Nassir never shies away from a challenge and no case is ever too difficult. He enjoys the challenges of taking up the baton for clients during challenging times, despite changes in the various compensation laws over many years. He has demonstrated a determination assist clients in protecting their rights, and to guide them through the maze of laws to achieve proper and fair compensation at the end of the day.

Nassir graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor Of Laws Degree. He was then admitted as a Solicitor in July 1999. He is a member of the Law Society of NSW.

Other than being a workaholic, in his spare time Nassir enjoys travelling, spending time with his family, playing soccer and enjoying all types of sporting activities.

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