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Northern Rivers motorcyclist receives close to half a million dollars for motor vehicle accident

Case Overview
  • A middle-aged man from the Northern Rivers region was riding his motorcycle when a Motorhome vehicle in front of him undertook a U-turn. He took all safety precautions taught to motorbike riders, but still sustained significant injuries.
  • His claim was for both his suffering and economic loss, as he was unable to return to work as a truck driver.
  • After an informal settlement conference with the insurer, our client walked away with almost half a million dollars compensation.
Our Approach

We acted for our client who had sustained significant personal injuries when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident. When a Motorhome vehicle decided to do a u-turn, cutting off our client’s path, he did as he was trained and dropped his bike, sliding across the gravel and colliding with the vehicle.

The insurer accepted that his injuries were severe enough to allow compensation for his pain and suffering. GMP made arguments that his earning capacity was reduced by 75% as a result of his injuries, which allowed for compensation for his economic loss.

The Result

Due to the excellent negotiation skills of our GMP team, our client was awarded close to half a million dollars for his motorbike accident.

Vrege Kolokossian

Senior Partner
My aim is to always listen and to do the best for my clients
Frequently Asked Questions

More Information

There are several steps you should take following a motor accident before worrying about liability. First and foremost is ensuring that you, the other driver and any passengers you both have are safe. Immediately call 000 for emergency services if necessary, and apply first aid care if you know how. Move the vehicles off the shoulder if the accident is blocking the roadway and it’s possible to do so.

Compensation can provide vital financial support for people who have suffered serious injuries in a road traffic accident. But are there limitations on how much money someone can receive?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including:

  • Who was to blame for the accident?
  • How severe were your injuries?
  • Is there permanent damage?
  • Are you entitled to damages for non-economic losses?

Let’s break down some scenarios and explore what compensation amounts could be available…


In the ACT, a claim is made up of three stages:

  • Defined benefits
  • Quality of life benefits
  • Common law damages (Quality of life damages)


Under the Motor Accident Insurance Commission CTP Scheme, the injured party must be able to establish the insured driver acted negligently.

In addition to establishing negligence, for an injured party to bring a claim to court, they must have:

  • Reported the claim to the police
  • Provide written notice of the claim to the insurer
  • Hold a compulsory conference



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