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65-year-old pedestrian awarded almost $500,000 for motor vehicle accident

Case Overview
  • A 65-year-old Harris Park woman sustained significant personal injuries following a motor vehicle accident in which she was a pedestrian.
  • We demonstrated that she had substantial injuries which allowed her to receive compensation for her pain and suffering, as well as economic loss.
  • Our client obtained a settlement of almost $500,000 from the CTP insurer as a result of our actions.

Our client was a 65-year-old woman who was a pedestrian involved in a motor vehicle accident. She sustained significant injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, and continued to suffer from substantial disabilities and restrictions.

Our client’s injuries were accepted by the CTP insurer as being serious enough to have caused over 10% disability. As such, we were able to achieve an award for compensation for our client’s pain and suffering.

Our Approach

Our client had worked as a nurse for many years, but following some issues with her knee, she had not worked for a period of time prior to the motor vehicle accident. The CTP insurer argued that they did not have to pay compensation for her loss of income after the accident, due to her earlier time out of work for her knee injury.

However, Mr Kolokossian used his investigative skills to collate evidence that our client would have returned to work 6 to 12 months after the accident after she had undergone a knee replacement. As a result, the client was awarded some compensation for her inability to return to work.

Our client received an excellent sum to the total of almost $500,000 as a result of Gerard Malouf and Partners’ efforts to find the evidence needed to support our client’s claim.

The Result

Our client obtained a settlement of almost $500,000 from the CTP insurer.

Vrege Kolokossian

Senior Partner
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More Information

Pedestrians can sustain injuries in a number of ways, including hit and run incidents or being struck whilst crossing the road. If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you’ll be glad to know that victims have the opportunity to receive compensation as part of the motor accidents compensation scheme.

The scheme is designed to provide compensation for anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident, including pedestrians. Here, individuals are entitled to the same level of personal injury compensation as drivers or passengers. This includes:

  • Medical, hospital and rehabilitation expenses.
  • Past economic loss such as loss of wages whilst recovering from injuries.
  • Future economic loss if a person’s capacity to earn is severely disrupted.
  • Lump sum compensation if a person has suffered a permanent impairment as a result of the accident.
  • Lump sum compensation for a person’s pain and suffering.

Even if a person is partly at fault, they may still be entitled to the aforementioned payments

In the ACT, a claim is made up of three stages:

  • Defined benefits
  • Quality of life benefits
  • Common law damages (Quality of life damages)

Under the Motor Accident Insurance Commission CTP Scheme, the injured party must be able to establish the insured driver acted negligently.

In addition to establishing negligence, for an injured party to bring a claim to court, they must have:

  • Reported the claim to the police
  • Provide written notice of the claim to the insurer
  • Hold a compulsory conference


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