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South Coast Woman Receives $120,000 in Compensation for Mismanagement of Infection Following Cosmetic Procedure

This matter concerned a lady who underwent a breast augmentation and scar revision in early March 2017. While the initial procedure appeared to be fine, several days later this lady developed a rash below her breasts and spread on to her abdomen.

She then attended on several general practitioners as well as a hospital, complaining of migraines, breathing difficulties, high fevers, vomiting and visual disturbance and fainting toward the end of March 2017. She was not diagnosed with sepsis and a right infected breast implant until early April 2017, when she had a bilateral removal of breast implant washout and packing.

It was confirmed several days later that she was suffering from both vancomycin-resistant enterococcus and golden staphylococcus infections.

Our client suffered several serious injuries, including of a psychiatric nature, and sought help for the terrible position she found herself in. She contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners and spoke to one of our lawyers, and was delighted with the personable and relatable service that she received over the phone.

This matter was handled by Mr Keegan Behrens, an experienced expert medical negligence solicitor and associate at Gerard Malouf & Partners. Keegan and his team worked tirelessly, gathering evidence from an expert general practitioner and infectious diseases specialist as to liability, and also explored the damage our client had suffered through an assessment by an expert psychiatrist.

The matter ultimately proceeded to mediation, and while it was a difficult case, we were able to settle the matter for $120,000.00. This sum was only achieved through Keegan’s hard work and determination and the expert advice and guidance of our retained barrister. Ultimately, our client was pleased with this outcome and will be able to use this compensation to focus on her future medical treatment in both a physical and a mental sense. While no amount of compensation will totally resolve all of the problems that have arisen from the subject incident, it is hoped that this will give her some closure as she looks to get her life back on track.

Have you had a poor outcome as a result of negligent management of an infection? We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to give us a call today to speak to one of our medical negligence expert lawyers and take advantage of our unique “no win, no fee” agreement.

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