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Gerard Malouf and Partners fight for Penrith man after Slip and Fall in Supermarket

Case Overview

In July 2020 at approximately 9:40am, our client was walking through the entrance of the supermarket when he slipped and fell on rainwater which he believes had emanated from trollies being pushed through the shopping centre. Our client was walking between the trolley bay and the produce promotional table when he slipped and fell.

As a result of the accident, our client sustained temporary lower back pains and soft tissue injuries to his knees, which represented aggravation of pre-existing injuries to the client.

Our Approach

The client instructed that as he was entering the store, he gave way for the trolley collector to enter the trolley bay of the supermarket.

However, due to the absence of any CCTV Footage, our firm struggled to prove that the trollies were in fact wet and traversed the area in which the client had sustained the accident.

Following further investigations, our firm learned that the client had not slipped where the trollies had traversed, but rather inside the store.

An incident report produced by the supermarket revealed that only 10 minutes prior to the incident occurring, a staff member was at the produce promotional table restocking the produce and noted that the floor was clear and free from any hazard.

Despite serious liability issues, our firm requested that the supermarket participates in a settlement conference for an early settlement and resolution of the matter.

The Result

Our firm were able to successfully secure our client $40,000.00 despite the client not having required any treatment besides analgesia and anti-inflammatory medication.


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