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Near retirement man receives $500,000 after being hit by a car whilst crossing the road

Case Overview
  • Our client was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing when they were struck by a car.
  • Our client suffered significant injuries and was taken to hospital fr care.
  • We secured a fantastic outcome for our client despite complex proceedings.

In around Spring 2017, our 64-year-old client had just finished shopping with his wife and was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing in Western Sydney, when he was struck by a motor vehicle, the driver of which was fleeing a crime scene. Our client was struck heavily, became airborne and thrown onto the windscreen before falling to the ground, suffering significant injuries.

Following the accident, our client was taken by ambulance to Westmead Hospital where he underwent surgery to his fractured right shoulder. In addition, he suffered a crush fracture of L3 disc in the low back, a possible fracture to the left little finger, multiple fractures to a number of ribs on the left side and ligamentous injuries to the right hand.

Our Approach

After negotiations failed, the matter underwent a CARS Assessment Hearing in order to determine the compensation required for the physical and psychological injuries and the catastrophic impact the accident had on our client’s life.

At the time of the accident, our client was not working as he was undergoing treatment for cancer which was diagnosed, with hopes to return to work, if he had a successful recovery.

Our team gathered multiple business and tax records and presented submissions to the tribunal to further our client’s claim for loss of earnings.

This investigation involved pages of records and analysis and multiple conferences with our clients to confirm business records and the functionality of the business, so that we had the best understanding of our client’s prior self-employed business from the 1990s to date.

Once our investigations were completed, we were able to secure a great outcome for our client, even though he had been out of work prior to the accident and was in his 60s.

The Result

Our client received a great outcome despite being out of work and in his 60's.

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