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60-year-old Central Coast man awarded $75,000 in compensation following a motor vehicle accident

Case Overview
  • Our client was injured by a motor vehicle that made a right turn without giving way.
  • We demonstrated that ongoing difficulties and restrictions would impact his earning capacity.
  • Our client obtained a settlement of $75,000 from the CTP insurer.

Our client was a 60 year old man from the Central Coast who was involved in a motor vehicle accident when a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction made a right turn without giving way.

The CTP insurer of the vehicle at fault accepted liability for the claim after the first 6 months, which entitled our client to receive ongoing treatment funded by the insurer, as well as payment of his weekly wages while he was unable to work due to his injuries.

“If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you should always seek advice from a lawyer about your rights. ”

AnA-Simone Attala
Our Approach

The application for a lump sum compensation claim was subsequently lodged with the CTP insurer to seek damages for the loss our client sustained as a result of the motor vehicle accident.

Thankfully, our client was able to return to his full employment duties a short time after the accident. However, we obtained strong medical evidence to substantiate that the ongoing difficulties and restrictions caused by his injuries will have an impact on his earning capacity which could drive our client to an early retirement.

The Result

OUr client received a settlement of $75,000 from the CTP insurer.

Anasimone Attalia Lawyer

Anasimone Attalla

Law Clerk
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