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A Man Compensated with $600,000 Following A Head-on Motor Vehicle Accident

Case Overview
  • Our client suffered multiple fractures and injuries to internal organs which required him to undergo several surgeries and skin grafts. 
  • He was also impacted psychologically post the accident. 
  • We negotiated a settlement of $600,000 for our client for his economic and non-economic losses.

Our client was a young man in his 30s from Tamworth who was involved in a significant motor vehicle accident. A vehicle travelling in the opposite direction crossed over onto the wrong side of the road and collided head-on with our client.

Our client had multiple fractures and internal injuries to his organs which required surgeries and skin grafts resulting in significant scarring. Our client also suffered psychologically following the accident.

“The insurer initially denied the injury exceeded 10% of Whole Person Impairement. But as soon as we lodged the application, we were approached by the insurer to settle.”

Rita furfaro
Our Approach

Gerard Malouf and Partners lodged a claim with the CTP insurer of the at fault vehicle who accepted the liability beyond the first 6 months of the claim. The insurer had to pay for our client’s medical and treatment expenses and the loss of their wages as a result of the accident.


While preparing the lump-sum compensation claim for the client, we established that the client’s whole person impairment was greater than 10% which entitles him to extra compensation on top of the past and future loss of income as a result of the accident.


The CTP insurer did not agree to the impairment being over this threshold to which we responded by providing expert medical reports. Upon lodging our claim with the Personal Injury Commission, we were approached by the insurer for a settlement. 

The Result

We were able to negotiate a settlement of $600,000 for our client.

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Rita Furfaro

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I aspire to be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud by getting them the compensation they deserve.
Frequently Asked Questions

More Information

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance is the insurance plan required for all drivers in Australia. This insurance is typically purchased when registering a car and may even be included as a part of your registration cost. CTP insurance is important for car accident victims because it’s meant to cover any personal injury payouts that result from an incident.

Immediately following a car crash, call the police if you suspect the other driver is under to influence, and call for paramedics if you suspect you have an injury.

Following this, calling your insurer is advised, as well as taking details from other parties and witnesses. Note down any details including time, data and take photos of the scene. 

Each motor vehicle accident claim requires a police report, accident notification form and personal injury claim form. The claim form is central to your claim and we recommend speaking with a lawyer to ensure the best chance of success. Once you lodge your claim, an Independent Medical Assessor reviews your claims. 


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