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50-year-old woman awarded over $230,000 in compensation following a 3-car collision on motorway

50-year-old woman awarded over $230,000 in compensation following a 3-car collision on motorway

Case Overview

Our client was involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident which involved a 3-vehicle pile-up on the motorway.

As a result of this accident, our client was left suffering from significant physical and psychological injuries.

Our client became subject to regular radiological imaging, frequent attendance upon medical practitioners, and was required to take medication on a regular basis.

Furthermore, our client required assistance from her partner with their domestic duties which she was no longer able to attend to.

Although our client was able to return to work, she faced many difficulties carrying out her day-to-day tasks which affected her performance at work.

Our Approach

We acted in accordance with our ‘’No Win No Fee’’ policy and lodged a dispute application to the Medical Assessment Service to have our client’s permanent physical and psychiatric impairment assessed, to determine whether it exceeded the 10% threshold required to claim damages for pain and suffering.

Despite copious amounts of medical and clinical evidence presented, the CTP insurer resisted and kept their offers of settlement below the amount our client deserved.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners, we believe in obtaining the maximum settlement for our clients. After extensive preparation, we obtained and collated all the evidence we required to ensure our client’s case was as strong as it could be. A Claims Assessment application was made, and an independent assessor was allocated to the matter.

Since liability was not an issue, an informal hearing took place where we were able to present our evidence to support our client’s claim.

The Result

The assessor ruled in our favour, and awarded $230, 000 to our client.

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