Teacher wins TPD claim for $247k in less than 2 months of lodgement

PUBLISHED 18 Sep 2020

In this case, our client was employed as a Secondary School Teacher with the Department of Education. Following incidences of workplace bullying and harassment, she experienced symptoms of severe anxiety and depression ultimately leading to the cessation of all employment in 2015.

In addition to anxiety and depression, our client suffered from agoraphobia, memory impairment, frequent nightmares, had difficulty concentrating and making decisions. She was also subsequently diagnosed with secondary conditions including SLE, cerebral lupus and lumbar puncture in 2017.

Our client first became psychologically incapable of returning to work due to her high levels of generalised anxiety, reduced threshold for agitation and panic episodes under normal levels of classroom stress. This was also accompanied by low mood, impaired attention, concentration and memory.

While initially engaging the professional services of Gerard Malouf and Partners in respect of a Workers Compensation claim, our expert Solicitors quickly identified a potential further claim to be explored on her behalf.

In preparing the claim for lodgement, our Solicitors considered what the appropriate “date of disablement” would be noting our client had multiple conditions diagnosed over the course of a few years. When assessing a claim for total and permanent disablement, the Superfund/Insurer are required to determine the date which the member became “disabled”. This date can make or break the outcome of a claim.

It was argued that the date of disablement should be taken to be on or around the date she ceased work as a result of her psychological injury despite her subsequent deterioration and physical ailments. A later date would likely have rendered the claim unsuccessful.

Detailed investigations were undertaken, and the claim was subsequently lodged with extensive supporting evidence. The claim was approved in full in less than two months after lodgement for over $274, 000.  Greatly relieved, our client was extremely thankful for the swift outcome achieved by Gerard Malouf and Partners.

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