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Sydney Woman Receives $700,000 in Compensation for Catastrophic Plastic Surgery Outcome

This case concerned an older lady who attended on a plastic surgeon for the purposes of a thigh lift. This procedure was performed in July 2016. Immediately after the surgery was performed, this lady experienced severe pain in her vagina. The initial surgery had removed too much skin, resulting in dryness, discomfort and pain in the entire groin region. Further revision surgeries up until the year 2017 were performed which did not resolve the issues that this lady was experiencing, and she remained in extreme discomfort and pain.

Our firm was contacted by this lady in 2017, and this file was managed by Mr Keegan Behrens, an expert medical negligence solicitor. Keegan and his team worked tirelessly to ensure that our client could achieve maximum justice in her case. Expert opinions were sought from a variety of medical professionals, including plastic surgeons, gynaecologists, and psychiatrists, who commented on the horrible outcome our client had received and provided valuable evidence in support of her claim. Our client was also assessed by an occupational therapist who made recommendations as to the domestic care and assistance she would require in future on account of her injuries and disabilities. Further evidence in support of our client’s claim came from a vocational assessor who outlined the loss of income our client had sustained, and would sustain in future, as a result of not being able to work on account of her injuries and disabilities.

This matter proceeded to mediation, and although it was strongly contested by the Defendant, both parties were eventually able to come to an agreement with the combined expertise of Keegan and of our expert barrister being the crucial factor. Our client’s case ultimately settled for $700,000 and it is envisioned that she will be able to use this sum of money to improve her quality of life as much as possible and to access the treatment and care she needs and deserves.

Our client was most grateful for Keegan’s hard work, professionalism and compassion in handling a tricky and sensitive matter such as this and leading it a satisfying conclusion for her.

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