How to make a public liability claim in Queensland

If you’ve been injured in a public place, and another party is responsible, you can make a personal injury claim. If a company or other organisation was responsible for the issue, whether it was caused by an associated person or happened on that organisation’s property the claim goes against public liability coverage instead of the […]

Is public liability insurance compulsory in Australia?

It can get a bit overwhelming when trying to understand all of the different types of insurance available. Depending on your career and lifestyle, certain types of insurance might be more of interest to you. As a company owner, it's important to understand the types of insurance that you should have to protect yourself and […]

Residents and businesses kept in the dark about dangerous landfill underneath their land

Many residents and business owners in Melbourne are planning on taking legal action or filing compensation claims as they recently discovered that their health is at risk after being kept in the dark about dangerous gases located beneath their estates. According to 7News, over 80 properties have been built on top of the old Sunshine Landfills, which were closed in […]

UK student sues CASA over plane crash

In January 2017, a UK student suffered a traumatic brain injury after the plane she was on crashed on a Middle Island beach. Now, family members of the woman, Hannah O’Dowd, have filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit accusing the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of negligence. The facts of the case The four-seater Cessna 172M charter […]

Victims of NZ volcano eruption are unable to sue for negligence

In last month’s tragic White Island volcano eruption, nearly four dozen people were killed or injured. Fingers point to the careless negligence of tour operators in continuing to guide people into the area despite years of warnings from volcanic experts that an eruption was due. However, under New Zealand’s no-fault accident compensation scheme, neither the family […]

Dangerous hook placement in stores causes child eye injuries

Parents across Australia are calling for a review at a number of popular store chains after numerous injuries have occurred recently, causing permanent eye damage to children. The culprit is common metal hooks used in retail clothing and accessory display racks, usually held at children’s head heights. Recent instances of trips, falls and collisions in […]

Childcare centre faces public liability claim after toddlers escape

A Melbourne childcare centre is facing legal action after staff allowed two toddlers to escape and run into a street. Dashcam footage of the incident shows motorists coming to a complete stop on a 70km/h street when the two 2-year-old children ran from a traffic island onto Ballan Road in Werribee. One of the drivers exited his […]