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Man sues elite Brisbane school over bullying

One of the best-known elite schools in Australia is now at the center of a lawsuit alleging bullying and personal harm to one of its former students. Altogether, the plaintiff in the case is seeking $2 million in damages stemming from bullying incidents he allegedly suffered from 2013 to 2015.

The suit, levied against Brisbane Grammar School and the alleged bullies themselves, claims the former student – now a 20-year-old man living in Brisbane – was brutally bullied on multiple occasions, according to the Daily Mail. Specifically, the suit against the school claims that on one occasion, he was kicked, punched and more, while on another he was whipped and choked with cords.

A closer look

The suit claims that these incidents and other pranks – as well as the emotional toll they took – rendered the plaintiff unable to find work because of a traumatic brain injury, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other severe mental health issues. The reason the school is being sued on a public liability claim is that many of these incidents took place on its grounds, with little to no supervision or intervention.

The incidents were allegedly so severe that the plaintiff missed hundreds of classes in 2014 and 2015, which he claims should have prompted investigation into the cause, especially as his grades declined, the Daily Mail noted.

A clear precedent

A previous bullying case tried in New South Wales in recent years also resulted in the plaintiff being awarded some $500,000 in damages, according to the Sunday Telegraph. In that case, a woman claimed she was severely bullied, and the court agreed that there was a legal duty on the school’s part to protect students from this sort of behaviour.

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