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Woman takes legal action after hospital’s allegedly negligent mistake

Breaking a wrist is seemingly one of the more average injuries, as most people fully recover not long after a routine operation. However, one woman found herself in a nightmare situation after mistakes were made by a hospital's medical staff, causing her to take legal action against the institution.

Wrist set into place incorrectly

According to, when the woman went to have her initial cast put on her broken wrist, the plaster was set on in a way that left the thumb stuck underneath her hand, turning her wrist at a 45-degree angle to her arm and getting set that way.

The woman claimed to have told the hospital staff many times that there was something wrong with the way she felt, and that her pain was at a 10 on the universal 1-to-10 pain scale, but they allegedly disregarded her concerns. After being forced to have additional diagnoses and surgical procedures as a result of the mistake, she has taken legal action against the hospital.

Woman's independence taken away

After all of the mishaps at the hospital, she was forced to see a private doctor to take care of the problem. Because of the extended amount of time that it has taken for her to return to full strength, her entire life has been uprooted. She has not been able to return to work since the 2015 incident and has not had the full use of her hands in the intervening five years, reported. She always characterised herself as an independent woman before this situation, but after all of the trouble that this has caused her, a significant number of seemingly normal daily tasks have become impossible.

The woman is still on many medications due to the complications, and has chronic pain and complex nerve damage issues after five years.

You could be a victim of medical negligence if you have suffered worsening of an injury or existing condition after a medical procedure or even a visit to a doctor.

If you have been wronged due to the medical negligence of a business or professional, and believe you are entitled to compensation, Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation, Medical Negligence & Will Dispute Lawyers are here to help. Contact us today to receive help filing a claim.

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