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Tips for improving workplace health and safety

Although there are lawyers in Sydney that can help you make a workers compensation claim should you be involved in an accident at work, it is still important to be vigilant about safety.
After all, as the old saying goes – prevention is the best cure. While some accidents are just that – complete accidents – others may be prevented with the right training, regulations and awareness.
Here are some tips for minimising the risk of workplace injury.
Follow the rules
Most workplaces have set rules and regulations when it comes to health and safety, especially those in industries that are 'high risk' such as construction and mining.
The best that you, the worker, can do is to follow the rules carefully. For example, if safety gear is provided, make sure you wear it and use it appropriately.
Not only does this minimise the risk of you harming yourself, it also means that in the event of an injury, you would have the peace of mind knowing you did all you could to prevent it from happening.
If in doubt, ask
Sometimes accidents occur when employees feel unsure about operating a piece of machinery or the like.
It is important to be confident in your work, so if you are unsure about protocol for any reason, don’t hesitate – ask questions.
Seeking clarification could save you lots of physical and mental stress later down the line.
Look after your health
Health and safety are closely linked. If you are in poor health then you may be more fatigued, and therefore more susceptible to hurting yourself.
WorkCover NSW advises employers to make wellbeing a priority in the work environment.
"Workplaces can get involved by doing such things as providing a healthy and nutritious morning tea, or use pedometers to challenge staff to increase the number of steps they take in a single day," said WorkCover's general manager of the health and safety division John Watson.
Take regular breaks
In addition to being healthy, WorkCover also advises employees to take regular breaks. Quick pauses from work allow people to refresh and refocus, therefore minimising the risk of fatigue.
For office workers, breaks can also help them avoid sitting sedentary for too long, which may have implications for their muscles and back.
"Simple things like walking around the office, stretching to relieve muscle tension and using the stairs instead of an elevator can make a huge difference to the overall wellbeing of staff," Mr Watson said.
If you are ever in a workplace accident don't forget there are compensation lawyers in Sydney who can help you understand your rights under NSW law.

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