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Speeding drivers cause police concern

Operation Saturation has begun and NSW police are already concerned about drivers speeding on the highways and potentially causing car accidents.

Police highlighted two incidents that had all the ingredients of an accident, but luckily stopped the drivers before any harm was caused to innocent parties.

One driver was stopped on Tuesday (26 August) on the Hume Highway near Gundagai. The motorist driving a grey Mercedes sedan with a green P-plate was clocked at 151km/hr.

The 26 year-old female was spoken to and her licence was suspended for six months. She was also given an infringement notice for breaking the speed limit by more than 45km/hr.

In another incident at the same location, a 24 year-old Victorian male driver was caught speeding at 160km/hr in the right hand lane. He was given the same penalty as the female driver and arranged to be picked up by friends.

However, police caught him speeding three more times in the area driving the same vehicle. He was subsequently arrested by police at the scene.

Police response

Traffic and Highway Patrol Assistant Commissioner, John Hartley, explained these examples highlight the importance of operations such as Saturation.

“The two drivers today are lucky they got away with their licence suspended and fines, as their reckless behaviour could have easily ended up in a serious crash,” he said.

Mr Hartley also reminded drivers of best practice with the conditions set to deteriorate over the next couple of days.

“With the wet weather expected to remain over the coming week, we remind motorists to drive to the conditions; leave a greater distance to the vehicle in front in case of the need to brake quickly; and in periods of heavy downfall or flooding, pull over where safe to do so and wait for the weather to pass over.”

NSW car accident compensation

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