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Slow down or face the consequences: police

The New South Wales police are reminding the state’s drivers that speeding will not be tolerated.

Yesterday (June 14), a B-Double driver was given an infringement ticket after he was caught travelling 125 kilometres per hour in a 100 kilometres per hour zone.

The incident occurred on the Newell Highway in Warkton.

The 32-year-old driver was also ordered to take his truck to a heavy vehicle inspection station after police realised it was defected.

Operations commander of Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Superintendent Stuart Smith, said it is their job to make sure that they take drivers such as him off the road to ensure the rest of the public is safe.

“We come own [sic] on these offenders hard because they are driving lethal weapons which can kill and maim in an instant,” he asserted in an official statement released yesterday.

Mr Smith went onto say that truck drivers and other professional motorists need to realise that part of their job is to handle their vehicles responsibly. If they fail to exercise adequate caution, then the consequences could be much worse than a speeding ticket.

“As professional drivers they must come to realise they have a duty of care to not endanger other road users,” Mr Smith explained.

NSW police have been particularly busy over the last few weeks. They upped the ante during the State of Origin clash held at Sydney Olympic Park last night and maintained a high presence over the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

More than 11,000 misbehaving motorists were caught by police over the long weekend, including three drunk drivers and over 4,000 speeders.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley said that this is concerning – and drivers need to understand the risk they place others in if they are reckless behind the wheel.

“By playing up behind the wheel, each and every one [of] those motorists was not only putting themselves at risk but every other road user,” Mr Hartley said.

“Given their brazen disregard for the law and the horrendous conditions on the roads over the long weekend, it’s incredible our road toll was not higher.”

The road toll was two at the close of the long weekend, compared with four in 2011.

These figures show that although police are putting in the hours to try and catch dangerous motorists, accidents are still at risk of occurring.

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