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Rosslyn Dillon estate claim update

The youngest daughter of former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke has specified her monetary demands in regard to an ongoing dispute against her father’s estate, initiated last year after his passing in May. The New Daily reported in December 2019 that Rosslyn Dillon had demanded in a legal claim that she receive a total of $4.2 million in cash to cover several costs from Hawke’s widow and her step-mother, Blanche d’Alpuget.

In his will, Hawke had left $750,000 from his estate to each of his three children and step-son, although Dillon has contested that she should receive more due to the fact that she is in need of further cash and cannot afford certain costs. In particular, Hawke’s daughter specified in her claim against his estate that the payout should cover the cost of dental implants, a new house in Sydney and linens and towels.

December allegations to bolster needs-based claim?
According to one legal professional, estate law more often favors the children of deceased individuals who are “real down-and-out” and demonstrate a need, as opposed to those who do not appear to have any financial or personal issues. None of Dillon’s siblings have filed claims of their own.

In December, Dillon publicly alleged that she had been sexually assaulted in the early 1980s by a friend of Hawke’s – then Victorian MP Bill Landeryou – and was told to keep quiet about the alleged crime to avoid damaging her father’s political career. Along with Hawke, Landeryou is also deceased and cannot respond to the allegations; Dillon’s sister, Sue Pieters-Hawke, said that she hopes they will not damage his legacy, ABC reported.

“She did tell people at the time. I believe there was a supportive response but it didn’t involve using the legal system,” Dillon’s sister Sue Pieters-Hawke said in response to her allegations, the Guardian reported.

The Australian reported that Dillon – who lives on welfare payments – described herself as a “sick and broken woman” in an affidavit she submitted to the New South Wales Supreme Court regarding the allegations. Over the course of her life, Dillon struggled with substance abuse; she noted that she was battling addiction at the time she alleged the MP’s attack occurred.

“I am still haunted by the sexual assaults. I feel that I may have had a chance to get over these rapes if I was able to report the incidents to police,” Dillon wrote, according to the Australian Associated Press.

Dillon’s specific demands
Dillon’s itemised list of demands in the claim specify $30,000 for a full set of dentures and $2.5 million to buy a house in Sydney’s suburbs – arguing that the $750,000 she was awarded is not enough to afford one.

“I do have dentures, however they are uncomfortable and cause me pain. I cannot afford to have them replaced,” Dillon said, revealing that she had paid $8,000 to have all of her teeth removed several years earlier.

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