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Quad bike deaths prompt call for more safety precautions

Two recent quad bike deaths on Australian farms have prompted WorkCover NSW to remind all users of these types of vehicles to make safety a priority.

In the first incident, which took place in Parkville, a quad bike rolled on a farm while a farm hand was returning from repairing a damaged pump. A five-year-old passenger died of their injuries.

The second accident happened in Denman. A farm manager died from injuries sustained when he was run over by his vehicle on his property after he stopped to retrieve a sheep.

John Watson, general manager of WorkCover’s Health and Safety Division, says Farmsafe Australia has identified quad bike accidents as the number one cause of fatality and injury on farms.

He says that more than 170 people have died in similar incidents in Australia since 2001, and urged farm workers to be proactive in taking all safety precautions.

“WorkCover recommends the mandatory wearing of approved helmets, the completion of nationally accredited training and urges all riders to comply with manufacturer guidelines in relation to passenger-carrying, load requirements and rider age,” said Mr Watson in an August 5 statement.

He said that WorkCover is currently working to develop a strategy to reduce quad bike deaths and injuries on farms.

“We want all farmers and farm workers to come home safely at the end of the working day and will continue to work closely with the farming community so that rural workplaces can be safer and more productive, and tragic incidents like these can be prevented.”

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