Woman settles for $130,000 after neurosurgical error results in nerve injury

PUBLISHED 28 Nov 2019

In this matter, our client attended a Hunter New England District hospital for neurosurgery to treat her back pain and lower limb neuropathy. Our client sustained a nerve injury due to an error by one of the proceduralists and required further surgery as a result.

The result of the intra-operative complication was that our client’s lower limb symptoms became worse than they were prior to the operation. Our client was no longer able to independently perform the activities of daily living and suffered from a number of physical and psychological disabilities as a result of the negligence.

Our client sought out the services of Gerard Malouf & Partners. Our client’s matter was handled by one of our experienced Medical Negligence solicitors, Susan Newman. Ms Newman and her team investigated our client’s matter and sought out expert opinions which were critical of the conduct of the two hospitals.

The parties took part in a mediation. Ms Newman and her team, including an expert barrister, negotiated a settlement of $130,000. Our client was very pleased with the result and was happy to be able to attempt to move on with her life.

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