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Woman paid $240,000 after suffering fall from attraction at the Royal Easter Show

Our client was attending the Royal Easter Show in Sydney with her children to enjoy the festivities and school holidays. Our client saw a sideshow game called the “torture test” and was informed by the staff members that if she could hold onto a pole suspended above her head for a period of 2 minutes without falling, she would win a prize. Our client paid to participate in this activity and stood on the stairs of the step ladder located under the pole and grabbed the pole.

However, our client was not advised that the pole would start spinning during the activity and the step ladder was removed from beneath her feet. Once the pole stated spinning, our client lost her balance and fell backwards onto the concrete ground.

As a result of our client’s injuries to her head, neck, left elbow and lower back region, the family outing was immediately cut short and what was meant to be a fun day out, became a painful and ongoing nightmare of treatment and restriction.

Our Public Liability Team at Gerard Malouf and Partners investigated the liability issues and argued that the Defendant parties were negligent as they did not provide any warning to our client that the pole would start spinning, nor were there warning signs in place to warn our client.

At the time of the incident, our client was working as a customer service officer. The team at Gerard Malouf and Partners successfully argued for our client to receive compensation for her lost wages due to the time taken off work since the incident, and for future reduced wages as our client now experienced difficulty with the manual labour components of her job.

If you have been injured as a result of an accident at an amusement park or showground, contact the personal injury specialists at Gerard Malouf and Partners today.

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