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In the Summer of 2017, our client was on holiday on a resort island in Fiji, enjoying the beautiful beaches and participating in the many resort activities. Our client had just finished an aqua aerobics sessions with other holiday-goers, when she decided to go for a swim in the ocean. As our client walked down the wooden steps to the beach, when she slipped on moss-like substances that were covering the steps, fell onto her bottom, bounced down the stairs.

As a result of our client’s injuries to her lower back, right hip and left shoulder, her holiday was ruined with seeking treatment and resting in her room. On her return to Australia, our client contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners and made a claim in negligence for compensation as a result of her injuries arising from the accident.

Our client continued to receive extensive treatment from her specialists in NSW and was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries, which had caused her significant pain, loss of strength and mobility. This caused her to have significant reduction in performing her administrative work duties and completing household chores.

Our Public Liability Team began investigations into the liability issues in the case, whether we can bring a case in Australia, and how to maximise the value of her case. It was clear from the evidence that the outdoor steps had been newly installed, did not have non-slip edges and that the staff members of the resort island had not performed proper routine inspections to check whether the steps were slippery and use a pressure hose to clean off any moss-like contaminants.

The diligence, professionalism and efficiency of the Public Liability Team was able to achieve a great settlement outcome of $400,000.00, many weeks before the matter was to be set down for hearing. The experienced Public Liability Team was able to set up and prepare for this outcome by passionately pursuing all relevant parties for evidence, instructing our team of experts and collating and presenting the case with the maximum result in mind.

The six-figure settlement amount enabled our client to restart her life and move on from the deep pain and suffering she had suffered, as a result of this night out that went from a fun night out to a life-changing process of medical recovery and adjustments in daily life.

Have you been a victim of an injury on holiday overseas? Call Gerard Malouf & Partners today and see how one of our expert public liability solicitors can help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

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