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Wollongong Family Receives $390,000 in Compensation Following Tragic Death of Family Member

This case concerned the untimely death of a gentleman in hospital on 20 July 2016, caused by medical negligence. On 12 July 2016, the deceased’s general practitioner referred him to the Emergency Department of the Defendant Hospital with chest pain radiating to the back, associated with shortness of breath.

The deceased was examined, sent home, but unfortunately suffered an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with unsuccessful resuscitation on 20 July 2016. A myocardial perfusion study was abnormal but this was not picked up by hospital staff – it was highly suggestive of severe disease in the left anterior descending artery of the heart.

The deceased’s family were very distraught by the ordeal of losing a loved one due to a lack of monitoring and treatment, which was wholly avoidable given the circumstances. They reached out to Gerard Malouf & Partners in pursuit of justice for their lost family member. This matter was taken on by Ms Jayne O’Sullivan, a very experienced medical negligence solicitor.

Together with her team, Jayne was able to build a case for the grieving family by briefing an expert consultant cardiologist who provided conclusive evidence that the Defendant Hospital had indeed been negligent in their management of the deceased. All family members were referred to a consultant psychiatrist, who assessed them all individually and provided tailored recommendations for their future therapy and treatment needs based on their individual circumstances and reactions to the shocking passing of their loved one.

The matter settled at mediation thanks to the help of an experienced barrister, and GMP was able to secure $390,000 in compensation for the family. While no amount of money will be able to bring back their loved one, it was an important result for the family as it provided some closure to a dark chapter of their lives and also allowed them to stand up and speak out against the negligent practices of the Defendant Hospital. The compensation received will be used for future treatment, counselling and therapy to help the family to come to terms with this terrible tragedy.

Have you lost a loved one or seen them seriously injured as a result of medical negligence? You may be eligible for compensation and we would be happy to look at your case on a “no win, no fee” basis.

Feel free to contact Gerard Malouf & Partners today to speak to one of our medical negligence expert solicitors.

By: Jayne O’Sullivan

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