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What is Bagassosis?

While the most common dust-related conditions include mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer and silicosis, there are a number of other scheduled diseases that can pose the same risk.

One of these lesser-known illnesses is Bagassosis. Defined as the inflammation of the lung caused by the inhalation of dust from bagasse (sugar cane dust), the disease was initially discovered more than 50 years ago in India.

Bagassosis is a rare occurrence in Australia, but it is important to remember that incidences do occur from time to time and there are avenues for compensation to support your personal situation.

How does Bagassosis occur?

Bagassosis takes its name from the bagasse substance produced from sugarcane juice which is used for making paper products. However, there is a fungus contained within this substance that can initiate Bagassosis.

The symptoms of Bagassosis can arise soon after exposure to the fungus and could cause a number of issues. The problem with these symptoms is that they could be confused for other illnesses.

According to ePain Assist, symptoms can include breath shortness, cough, coughing blood and a fever. Diffuse bronchiolitis can also develop as a result of Bagassosis.
If left untreated, Bagassosis can cause further medical issues and there have been a number of deaths blamed on the dust-related condition.

How is Bagassosis diagnosed?

Doctors will undertake a chest x-ray to confirm the illness. ePain Assist reports that this procedure will highlight a mottling of the lungs or a shadow.

After a diagnosis, there are a number of options for medical professionals, but it is clear that further investigations into curing this illness are needed. This is where the help of compensation can be invaluable.

Making a dust disease claim

If you believe you have been exposed to this sugarcane fungus or are exhibiting the symptoms of Bagassosis, it is vital to get in contact with a compensation lawyer.
Gerard Malouf Partners have a team of respiratory physicians, environmental toxicologists and other medical professionals on hand to confirm the presence of Bagassosis and give you the best chance of recovery.

As well as this, compensation lawyers can analyse your personal situation and the circumstances of the exposure to look into whether you have the ability to make a claim. If so, there is the chance that you can receive compensation for loss of wages, medical bills and other expenses.

If you think you have a dust-related condition such as Bagassosis, get in contact with our team of compensation lawyers on our Free Call Number 1800 004 878.

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