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Truck driver receives $200,000 in compensation after a Motor Vehicle Accident despite the CTP insurer denying liability

Our client has been working as a truck driver for almost 20 years and in May 2017, while driving in his truck on the M4, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident causing injury.

Our client contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners seeking advice on making a compensation claim and his matter was referred to Rita Furfaro and her team.

A CTP claim was lodged with the insurer who denied liability and alleged that our client did not suffer an injury as a result of the accident. Not one to back down, Rita Furfaro worked tirelessly in gathering evidence to prove that our client had in fact suffered an injury as a result of his accident.

An appointment with an Occupational Physician was arranged, whose report revealed that our client has suffered an injury to his tailbone and had been experiencing significant pain as a result. We also made an appointment with an Occupational Therapist, who recommended that our client has needed and will need significant care as a result of his injuries. Consequently, we sought maximum compensation for our client and a claim was made for past loss of wages, past and future care and assistance, past and future expenses and loss of future earning capacity.

Negotiations were opened up with the insurer and thanks to Rita and her team at Gerard Malouf and Partners, we were able to achieve a result with which our client was more than satisfied.

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