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Sydney Woman Receives $400,000 in Compensation After Negligent Surgery

Our client attended on her general practitioners in early 2017 complaining of left groin pain which was worse on movement. This pain developed, radiating to the left thigh and shooting down the back of her leg to her foot. An ultrasound was arranged, which recorded a direct left inguinal hernia.

In September 2017, our client met with the defendant surgeon, who arranged for a colonoscopy, banding of haemorrhoids, an exploration of the left groin with the repair of the left inguinal hernia, and incisional hernia.

Later that month, our client underwent surgery at the hospital at the hands of the Defendant surgeon. Mesh was inserted in order to repair the hernia.

A few days after the surgery, our client felt extreme pain in the left groin and over the surgery site, and felt numbness across her scar and down the left side of the thigh. Our client could not move or maintain her balance, and analgesics did not assist as she could not sleep from the pain.

All mesh was removed through a revision surgery performed in November 2017, but our client continued to experience incontinence and a lack of feeling and sensation in her groin.

This matter was taken on by our medical negligence team and was run by Ms Jayne O’Sullivan, an experienced medical negligence solicitor with over 20 years of experience. Jayne and her team quickly identified the relevant issues in this claim after compiling our client’s extensive clinical record. Pertinent questions were posed of medical experts, including a general surgeon, who provided crucial evidence that the surgery was never necessitated in the first place due to an initial lack of pain and the size of the hernia, and that less invasive treatment was required. Appointments were also arranged with a psychiatrist and occupational therapist, who provided evidence in relation to the extent of our client’s injuries.

The matter ran to mediation, where it settled for an amount of $400,000. Our client was pleased with this result and this compensation will be used to cover the cost of her future medical treatment expenses, as well as the cost of domestic attendant care and assistance that she will require into the future.

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By: Jayne O’Sullivan

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