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Sydney Hospital’s negligence in cannula removal results in $360,000 settlement for Gosford client

Our client, a 37 year old male, presented to Sydney Hospital complaining of back pain and had an IV administered prior to investigating the cause of his back pain.. After various imaging and scans of his lower spine, our client was discharged. Prior to discharge however, the cannula was removed aggressively by a nurse which caused severe bleeding in our client’s left arm. Our client was awoken later that evening with a large bruise on his left arm creating an intense stinging/burning sensation.

The following day, our client re-presented to the same Sydney hospital complaining of the severe pain in the left arm. The Sydney hospital diagnosed him with a probable infection and given antibiotics but an ultrasound of the left arm revealed extensive left basilica vein thrombosis. Unfortunately, by this time the vein was unable to be compressed and was causing our client immense pain and severe restriction of movement in his left arm. Our client was forced to spend several weeks in the hospital while they attempted to minimize the extent of the damage they caused to our client’s arm.

Our client spent the next several months virtually unable to extend his dominant left arm or operate a motor vehicle. Our client proceeded to consult some of the top vascular surgeon experts in Australia but none of them were able to be of any further assistance: the damage caused by this Sydney hospital was irreversible and our client’s left arm would never return to its full function and operability.

Our client, a self-employed entrepreneur and businessman, now suffering from painful swelling and aching with a limited range of movement in his left arm, travels a lot for work and injury to his arm has devastated and impeded his ability to grow and expand his business. The pain intermittently extends up from his forearm through his neck and across the shoulder which is quite uncomfortable and disruptive to his daily activities.

Our client came to Gerard Malouf & Partners knowing we would be able to assist him in his claim for medical negligence against this Sydney hospital for their failure to exercise reasonable care in removal of the cannula. Gerard Malouf & Partners engaged their panel of expert medical professionals and were able to confirm the Sydney hospital failed to ensure their nurses and staff were competently trained in the removal of cannulas and failed to monitor their activities which resulted in serious harm to our client. Because we operate on a No Win No Fee basis, all of the investigations and expert opinions were conducted and prepared at no initial cost to our client.

After an arduous battle with the hospital’s defence team, Gerard Malouf & Partners were able to negotiate a settlement of approximately $360,000 for our client as compensation for his injuries, economic loss, treatment, and rehabilitation. Our client was ecstatic at the result in that this lump sum would now enable him to get his business back on track and he could now move forward and focus on getting better instead of the financial constraints and concerns his injuries caused him.

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