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Slip on Bean at Supermarket Settlement of $50,000

Our 66-year old client was shopping at her local supermarket when she slipped on a bean which had been left on the floor causing her to fall onto her left side.

Medical issues

Our client sustained soft-tissue injury to her left arm and shoulder.

Our client had a long history of pre-existing problems with her left arm and her treatment required her to have cortisone injections to her shoulder. She was ultimately diagnosed as having a tiny tear in her shoulder which did not require any surgery.

Court proceedings

We commenced Court proceedings against the supermarket and claimed negligence for having a slippery floor, for not having any mats on the floor and not having a proper system of inspection for identifying produce on the floor.

The Defendant denied negligence and insisted their cleaning and inspection system was reasonable.


We convinced the Defendant to enter into settlement discussions at an early stage, shortly after we had issued Court proceedings, and ultimately the Defendant agreed to pay $50,000 for our client’s unfortunate slip on a bean and subsequent pain and suffering.

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