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Woman received 250,000 after suffering sexual abuse as a child from Reverend

Our client came to us seeking our advice for compensation for the sexual abuse she had experienced as a child at around the age of 9 years old. The abuse was a single instance of sexual contact that was brief but caused significant life-long trauma and psychological scarring due to the vulnerable state and nature of the relationship between the client and the Reverend. The sexual abuse by the Reverend occurred within the client’s home when he was invited in as a trusted person.

The impact of the abuse had a profound impact on our client’s life, as our client became socially withdrawn, had feelings of guilt, blame and anxiety which also negatively impacted upon her ability to perform at school.  The impacts of the abuse continued into our client’s adult life and she developed post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety and would experience depressive symptoms and panic attacks.

This negative impact flowed into our client personal and work relationships, and inevitably, affected her performance at work and the opportunities she had.

The sum of money received by the client may not wholly resolve the traumatic experience of abuse that our client had to suffer, however, it does provide our client with recognition of the abuse she suffered as a vulnerable child who was isolated and powerless before the perpetrator. This sum of money is recognition that the abuse our client sustained was wrong irrespective of the fact that it occurred on a single occasion.

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