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Registered nurse receives over $600,000 in compensation for injuries resulting from work overload

As is commonly known, our nurses have to meet very high demands in caring for the sick and the injured and by doing so compromise their own health in the process.

For a number of years, nurses have raised warnings about the overload that they are required to do due to shortage of staff and ageing equipment. Unfortunately, these problems surface time and time again which lead to injuries to nurses, who are the backbone of our health system.

As you would appreciate, losing an experienced nurse is a damaging loss to us, such is their importance in our community. It is most disheartening if this loss has been caused as a result of an injury sustained during the course of their employment.

It is a double detriment when a nurse sustains an injury as the carer, because as a result of that, the nurses will ironically become the person who needs the caring. This really impacts on our health system and it is happening once too regularly.

The most common type of injury in a nursing environment, is generally a lumbar spine injury.  For our experienced nurse, she did sustain a serious back injury which required extensive surgery. The injury has caused her to suffer from a reduced working capacity. As a result of this, our client has not been able to return to work.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners, we do not provide assistance in health but what we do provide assistance with, is obtaining compensation for those injured. With our support at GMP lawyers, our injured nurse was very well compensated. This was as a result of our perseverance and hard work and although we were unable to restore our client’s health, we were able to ensure she was advantaged through compensation.  The total amount of compensation our client received as a result of her injury, both for economic loss and impairment, was over $600,000.00.

For this experienced registered nurse, she will not be able to return to her chosen field and possibly not be able to return to any form of work at all.  However, the compensation that she has received will certainly put her in a positive step towards security in the future.

As personal injury lawyers at GMP, we promise to deliver the service that we are experts at and that is obtaining maximum compensation for our clients.  We are not medical treaters and cannot restore an injured person’s health, but what we do aim to achieve is financial security for our injured client’s future.

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