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Queensland woman receives $30,000 in compensation following negligent dental treatment

Our client was a 38 year old woman who suffered injuries as a result of dental treatment she received in Queensland. Our client consulted a dentist for treatment in relation to an infection in her wisdom tooth. The tooth was extracted and during the procedure the dentist negligently caused damage to her jaw bone and the nerves associated with her wisdom tooth. She continued to suffer infections and had to undergo further dental procedures to fix the damage. Our client later discovered that the dentist who performed the procedure had been restricted from performing surgical extractions in the past.

The injury, pain and suffering experienced by our client had a significant effect on her quality of life and restricted her ability to engage in her regular daily activities. She also suffered psychological injury as a result of her ordeal.

Our client came to Gerard Malouf and Partners to find out how we could assist her. We took on her case on a No Win No Fee basis and engaged an expert dental surgeon to comment on the negligent treatment she received. Our expert agreed that the treatment was below standard and provided us with a supportive report.

We were then able to commence proceedings at court to obtain compensation for our client. As our client had also suffered psychological harm we had her assessed by an expert psychiatrist to quantify this damage which we included as part of her claim.

In order to provide a speedy outcome for our client and avoid the stress of going to a hearing, we approached the Defendant’s solicitors to engage in early settlement negotiations. An informal settlement conference was arranged and the parties were able to come to an agreement. In the end the Defendant agreed to pay our client $30,000 to settle her claim. This was a great outcome and allowed our client to resolve her matter without having to giving evidence at a hearing.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners we are experts in medical and dental negligence. If you have been injured as a result of a doctors actions, or believe you have received treatment which is below the acceptable standard of care please call us today. We will arrange a free consultation with a member of our medical negligence team to discuss how we can help you.

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