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Settlement Secured for Elderly Man After Fall in North Strathfield Grocery Store

At the time of his accident, our client was completing his shopping at a grocery store in North Strathfield. At the checkout counter, he noticed a wine section adjacent and walked over to obtain some wine. On his way back to the counter, he did not notice a stack of boxes hidden behind a trolley and tripped. This caused to fall heavily to the ground, face first. Our client landed on his left side and sustained injuries to his lower back and left knee as a result.

Immediately following the fall, a worker and the store’s manager assisted our client. Fortunately, he returned to the store the next day to report the accident and an incident report was completed.

Our client reported pain in his lower back and left knee for some time until he decided to engage the services of the Public Liability team at Gerard Malouf & Partners. He had not seen a medical professional up until this point. Our expert solicitors knew that in incidents such as this one, it is important to attend upon doctors. In addition to advising him of the merits of his claim and his legal rights, they recommended attending a general practitioner as a matter of urgency and undergo some radiological investigations.

While our client attended to his health, the GMP team made contact with the grocery store to obtain all documents and CCTV footage that related to the incident.

After investigating the full extent of the claim and all avenues for the damages our client was entitled to, our solicitors engaged the Shopping Centre in settlement discussions. Unfortunately, all attempts at settlement prior were unsuccessful and the GMP team were required to commence court proceedings in the District Court of New South Wales.

Gerard Malouf & Partners continued to engage in discussions with the grocery store until we successfully reached a Judgment by Consent. The team secured a settlement figure of $60,000.00 for our client within months of him engaging our services.

Although our client did not have a claim for past or future economic loss, the Gerard Malouf & Partners team were able to still achieve a great result that will greatly assist our client with his future needs.

If you have been involved in an accident and sustained injuries, please do not hesitate the experienced Compensation lawyers at Gerard Malouf and Partners for a free consultation on  1800 004 878.

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