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Mother and Daughter Receive $400,000 in Compensation Following Death of Husband and Father

This matter concerned a gentleman who was mismanaged by his general practitioners, who were late in diagnosing a rectal adenocarcinoma which ultimately resulted in his unfortunate and untimely death. A cancerous rectal tumour, which should have been diagnosed earlier, was detected far too late for any meaningful treatment to be administered to the gentleman. The cancer became locally advanced and metastatic, and the gentleman passed away in mid-2015.

His wife and daughter were very distraught by what had occurred, and contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners seeking justice for what had happened to their dear family member. As they were family members of a person who had died as a result of medical negligence, they were entitled to file claims for nervous shock, arising out of the mental harm they suffered from.

This matter was handled by Mr Leslie Abboud of our firm, an expert medical negligence lawyer with over 30 years of experience. Leslie and his team worked diligently and quickly to ensure that maximum compensation and maximum justice could be achieved for his clients. They quickly gathered all the clinical notes pertaining to this gentleman’s care and treatment. Leslie reviewed all the notes and formed a hypothesis as to how the deceased could have survived this ordeal and avoided it entirely if the rectal cancer was discovered earlier, as it should have been, in line with competent professional medical practice.

The notes and Leslie’s hypotheses were provided to various medical experts who agreed and produced reports to serve as expert evidence in this matter. Leslie also arranged for the mother and daughter to be reviewed and assessed by an expert clinical psychologist, who provided reports outlining the extent of the mental harm both family members had suffered and made recommendations for their future treatment and therapy needs.

Leslie was able to negotiate and settle this matter at mediation, resulting in $400,000 in compensation for the wife and daughter of the deceased. Both were thrilled with the result and with the professionalism and care with which GMP handled such a sensitive and important matter. They have not only gained compensation, but also peace of mind in knowing that such an unfortunate event will not happen to another innocent and unsuspecting family in future.

Have you been a victim of medical negligence? Call Gerard Malouf & Partners today and see how one of our expert medical negligence solicitors can help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

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