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Man who survives serious head on collision with 14 fractures receives $200,000 compensation

HC was a man suffering from a midlife crisis. His wife had left him, his mother had died so he decided to leave a well-paying job for some time of solace. During his break, he is involved in a serious motor vehicle accident which tore apart his car almost killing him. He had sustained broken ribs, a broken pelvic girdle, injury to his neck, injury to his back, injury to the entire right side of his body which included his arm and his leg and knees. He was in hospital for in excess of a month and there was fear that he would lose sight in his right eye as a consequence of a fractured orbital socket.

Initially he was unable to walk requiring the use of the wheelchair. Through his tenacity and rehabilitation he graduated to the use of a walking stick and then free from apparatus. Nevertheless, he required a great amount of assistance, particularly because he lived on a property which was remote and was prone to fire hazard and therefore required continuous clearing. Also, through the months of winter, due to his remoteness, he required heating by way of firewood.

As such, the insurer provided him with a great amount of domestic assistance and care. They also met all of his reasonably incurred medical and treatment expenses.

This entire process however was causing a great emotional and psychological toll upon HC. There was a reluctance by him to attend upon independent medical examinations. There was a reluctance upon him to assist in providing with satisfactory instructions that would further assist his compensation claim.

In recognition of his needs and the benefit that he would receive from having an early resolution, we were able to bring the insurer to the negotiation table with a little more than a year from the date of accident.

The matter was resolved amicably for $200,000.00 accident compensation which is double of what we were instructed to seek by the client. The client has now moved on with his life free of the burden of litigation.

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