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Gerard Malouf & Partners Complemented by the Legal Services Commission for Low Staff Turnover

Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation, Medical Negligence & Will Dispute Lawyers has one of the lowest turnover of staff statistics in the legal industry in Australia.

We were recently complemented by the Legal Services Commission NSW on the consistency of our staff and the fact that we have one of the lowest turnover rates of NSW law firms. The Legal Services Commission monitor this statistic as one of their key criteria to determine whether a law firm is being run correctly.

This is not only wonderful from a staff satisfaction perspective but importantly this is a strong contributor to our client satisfaction and the success of our business.

Gerard Malouf & Partners has a high percentage of our lawyers and support staff well into their second decade of employment with the firm. For instance, our Managing Director Kim Wiles has been with the firm over 30 years, Head of Financial Services Celeste Norman over 20 years, Kylie Cavanagh over 15 years, Partner Verge Kolokossian over 20 years.

Many of our senior paralegal secretaries have well in excess of 15 years’ experience such as Debra, Dianne and Wendy to name a few and of course Gerard Malouf himself has been at the helm consistently for over 28 years under the one ownership.

Sadly, within the legal industry there is very high turnover known as churn rate where lawyers and key support staff such as senior secretaries change employment seeking better terms and prospects. As a consequence of this many law firms are left with vacancies whereby clients are forced to change their lawyer which can cause a disruption of service, additional appointments required, increase in process time and client dissatisfaction.

This creates added cost & confusion for clients and the length to litigate a case can easily blow out due to duplication with often a less skilled person taking over the matter.

Gerard Malouf & Partners has one of the lowest churn rates in the legal industry. We have taken very specific and positive action to ensure a high degree of employment satisfaction within the business including the following:

  • Maintaining high standards of strong moral principles; honesty and decency for all staff to ensure our client’s interests are first and foremost creating a sense of pride
  • Providing ongoing education and support for all members of staff so that they develop not only professionally but in every aspect of their life holistically
  • Ensuring we have a satisfying employment structure where people’s efforts are acknowledged and rewarded in a team structure made up of lawyers, secretaries and support staff. There is a sense of equality as each member of the team is regarded as important to the overall result.
  • Offering a commission structure based upon individual & team performance covering a significant number of key performance indicators that will achieve the best possible results for our clients thus ensuring job satisfaction. We do not promote the fact that it’s “all about the money” but that our aim is client satisfaction and all the other associated positive benefits will flow through if we achieve this.
  • Unlike any other law firm, we have a significant dedicated client care team assisting lawyers and staff.

By focusing on these values we install a sense of ownership in every member of staff that this is “their own business” so that they are more positive and anxious to make the law practice a success so we can exceed our client’s expectations.

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