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Dubbo woman receives $175,000 compensation when thyroid operation goes wrong in Hospital

In this matter, our client become aware of large nodules that had formed in and around her thyroid which was suspected to be cancerous and was causing her discomfort. As is standard, she sought medical advice and surgery was booked at a local hospital for removal of part of her thyroid containing these nodules.

Following this simple operation, our client experienced neck swelling and discomfort.  Further investigations revealed that during the operation, significant damage was caused to the right nerve that was connected to our client’s vocal cord.

This accident caused paralysis of our client’s right vocal cord which has caused significant slurring to her speech. She also reported having difficulties swallowing, speaking and breathing as a result of the injury. Having experienced this traumatic ordeal at hospital left our client with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and withdrawal from society.

Unfortunately surgical attempts to rectify this issue have been unsuccessful and our client remained untreated for her injuries.

Seeing this mistreatment and the devastating effects it had on her quality of life, our client reached out to Gerard Malouf and Partners to seek assistance and compensation. Keegan Behrens, Solicitor, took on this case and argued on behalf of his client that the hospital was medically negligent by failing to consider alternative options in identifying the nerve during the surgery so as to avoid injury.

It was decided that the best option for our client to reach a positive outcome would be to enter into settlement negotiations between the parties by way of a mediation. Mr Behrens and his team, including an expert barrister, negotiated a settlement of $175,000. Our client was very pleased with the result and was happy to be able to attempt to move on with her life.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners we pride ourselves on assisting those who are mistreated, misdiagnosed and inadequately cared for by the health system. We are highly specialised and focussed medical negligence lawyers with our firm being small enough to care intimately for our clients, but large enough to have the solid, financial, medical and expert resources our clients need to match the big insurers we fight every day.

For free over the phone advice or to take advantage of our free face-to-face consultation call Gerard Malouf and Partners on 1800 004 878 and ask to speak with one of our experience medical negligence lawyers.

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