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Woman Settles Case For $175k After Ceiling Tile Fall

Our client was perusing bed linen at a chain retail store, when suddenly and without warning, four ceiling tiles fell from the ceiling. Two of the ceiling tiles struck our client on the head, neck, left shoulder, right shoulder, right hand and right buttocks. This resulted in serious injuries and immediate shock.

Our client was attended to by staff, who provided her with ice packs and took a statement from her.

Initially, our client wanted to dismiss the matter and recover. However, as is often the case with incidents like these, our client’s condition developed over time. It became increasingly evident to our client and her treating time that her condition was deteriorating. In particular, her right forearm and right had very little motion. Our client made the decision to engage legal representation.

After a confidential consultation with Gerard Malouf & Partners’ expert Public Liability team, our client’s claim was assessed and she was advised of her rights in this situation. She decided she was best represented by our team and our solicitors proceeded to contact the other side to collect all the relevant documents to the incident.
After investigating the full extent of the claim and damages, Gerard Malouf & Partners engaged the other side in settlement discussions.

Initial settlement discussions failed as it was discovered that a number of companies were involved with the renovation, instillation and thereafter maintenance of the ceiling so a number of other parties were required to be pursued before meaningful discussions could be had.

Wanting the best result for our client, we investigated the full extent of liability held by all parties and pursued court proceedings by bringing the claim to the District Court of New South Wales. This case involved multiple claims against a number of defendants who we determined were liable for our client’s injuries.

Gerard Malouf & Partners continued to engage in discussions and we were ultimately able to force all defendants to the negotiation table successfully resolving our client’s claim for a settlement figure in excess of $175,000.

If you have been involved in an accident and sustained injuries, please do not hesitate the experienced Compensation lawyers at Gerard Malouf and Partners for a free consultation on 1800 004 878.

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