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Big payout for a workers compensation claim and common law negligent claim for a 60 year old

A rather senior client had attended our office for legal assistance in relation to his workers compensation claim. He was totally aware of what he would be entitled to in relation to his workers compensation claim and totally unaware of what was to unfold for him. Our client simply had no idea about entitlements under the workers compensation scheme and equally had no idea that his claim would advance to a work injury damages claim, which is a common law negligent case.

The one thing he was aware of was that our firm would be providing good, sound legal service and advancing his case to the maximum. He knew that because his referrer had given such a high review of our firm.

The first contact our client had made with our office was in early July 2012 and no later than late August 2012 we had already resolved a lump sum claim for his impairment and pain and suffering. Our client received an amount just below $50,000.00, in this tax free benefit.

With very good knowledge and awareness, we were able to provide further advice to our client and we obtained instructions to pursue a work injury damages claim, despite the fact our client successfully returned to work and also despite the fact that he did not have many years left before he reached retiring age.

With the skilled staff here, we were capable of formulating a very strong claim for economic loss for the past and the future, despite the fact that we were dealing with a gentleman who was already 60 years of age. Settlement negotiations took place with the insurer in late October 2013 and with strong supportive evidence, we were capable of having the matter resolved in excess of $275,000.00.

Here at Gerard Malouf & Partners, we do things quickly but at the same time efficiently. This is only achievable with the knowledge of what evidence would be required for a successful claim and this knowledge can only be built by extensive years of experience.

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