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$85,000 Settlement for Slip on Wet Carpet at Holiday Resort

In late 2010 our client, a guest at a holiday resort, slipped on a wet carpet entrance leading into the resort from the carpark.

Medical issues

Our client sustained injury to her right leg and ankle and then later developed deep vein thrombosis.

At the time of her injury our client was working 12 hours per week in a casual position and was unable to work for about 4 months. She then returned to work but her duties were modified as she could no longer carry out her previous duties.

Expert opinion

We arranged for an engineer to inspect the carpet area where our client had slipped and he noted whilst there was an anti-slip strip along part of the edge of the carpet, it did not extend the full length. If it had done so, it may have prevented our client from sustaining injury.

Court proceedings

We commenced Court proceedings against the resort and claimed negligence for failing to provide a safe access and failing to provide a non-slip surface covering the full length of the carpet which adjoined the car park.

The resort denied negligence in their Defence and claimed our client should have watched where she was looking.


The matter ultimately settled at an informal settlement conference which we arranged with the resort’s solicitors. Our client received a public liability slip fall settlement of $85,000 for the injuries she had received when she slipped on the wet carpet.

Our client was extremely happy with the result.

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