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$80,000 Settlement for Slip on Water at Supermarket Deli Counter

Our client, a young  mother of two, slipped on water at a leading Australian supermarket’s Deli counter. Junior staff members behind the deli counter were cleaning and water had leaked through to the front of the deli counter where our customer was standing.

Our client slipped in the water and sustained injury to her back and right foot. She did not sustain any fractures, and the radiology scans showed she only had minor injuries. However, the impact those seemingly minor injuries had on her life was significant.

Our client was in continual pain in her back and suffered from shooting pains which went from her back down her legs. Ultimately, she had to use a walking frame to help her walk which was extremely frustrating and embarrassing for a young woman and mother of children.

She was unable to play or pick them up and felt utterly useless.

Medical Problems

Our client had numerous complications in her case as she had a long history of previous injuries, having had a previous fall and had been taking strong medications for a number of years.

We had to ask our doctors to specifically comment on the impact of the new injury to her overall condition.

Settlement Conference

The supermarket invited our client to attend an informal settlement conference to discuss settlement of her slip & fall claim. Delighted with their attitude towards an early settlement, we happily went along to the informal settlement conference knowing we had not even commenced proceedings in Court.

The insurance company that day offered to settle our client’s claim for $80,000 which she happily accepted, given the numerous issues she had in relation to her pre-existing complaints and injuries.

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