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$327,000 settlement for Western Sydney man following poor circumcision surgery and management

The Plaintiff underwent adult circumcision in the middle of 2013. The procedure was an elective procedure for foreskin stenosis performed by the first Defendant which caused the Plaintiff difficulty in both urination and sexual activity.

Following the surgery the Plaintiff developed a hematoma and as a result of complications the Plaintiff came under the care of a major Public Hospital (second Defendant) who treated the Plaintiff with antibiotics and a surgical debridement and re-suturing of the circumcision insertion. While the Plaintiff expressed concerns regarding deficiency of his penile skin making erection difficult, the staff of the second Defendant did not provide any therapeutical advice to the Plaintiff at this stage rather than manage the patient conservatively.

A few weeks afterwards, the Plaintiff consulted the Second Defendant again with continued deficiency of the penile skin and the inability to achieve normal erections.

The Plaintiff was then referred to a surgeon (the Third Defendant) for skin grafting. The Third Defendant performed a split skin graft to the penile shaft. Following the surgery, the Plaintiff sustained a scar contracture due to the contracted split skin graft of the shaft of the penis resulting in loss of length.

Upon referral to our firm, our specialist medical negligence team, led by Mr Leslie Abboud, quickly paid for the matter to be reviewed by an expert surgeon on a no-win, no fee basis. Together, they found that the first Defendant carried out the surgical procedure poorly and that all the Defendants failed to provide adequate post-operative management (i.e. failure to provide anti-erectile medication; and advising or performing skin stretching exercises for the Plaintiff).

As a result of the abovementioned negligence, the Plaintiff sustained significant physical and psychological injury. 

With the physical injuries proven, Mr Abboud arranged for our client to see an expert psychiatrist, where Mr Abboud paid the fees upfront for the assessment. The expert psychiatrist showed that the client had indeed suffered severe psychiatric injury from the incident.

After receiving the evidence, Mr Abboud and his team, together with an expert barrister, quickly brought proceedings against all three Defendants. Through effective negotiations, they negotiated and settled upon an order for the hospital to compensate our client $327,000 worth of damages due to the defendants’ negligence.

Are you a victim of suffering from poor surgery and management? Don’t delay, act now. For over the phone free advice or to take advantage of our Face to Face consultation, call our expert medical negligence team today and ask about our unique “no win, no fee” scheme on our free call number 1800 004 878.

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